Tuesday, February 4, 2020

10 Years Blogging

Well, I've been talking to the void of the internet for 10 years. In the course of 10 years, I've started three YouTube channels, two Etsy shops (one closed now) and begin making knitting and crochet patterns, and failed as a fashion blogger (something I tried 5 years ago lets not relive it). I've blogged through one awful breakup, one amazing marriage, two babies and autoimmune diseases. I've made friends.

Blogging does wonders for my mental health. I highly recommend it if you are a outgoing stuck at home person like me, looking for more creative ways to unburden your soul.

I thought since it was my birthday (last month) that I should take some pictures of myself. There are not many that don't include kids. I took these super quick while the kids played outside and photo bombed me. And I updated my site with them. It has been four years since I redid it, and it was past  time for sure.

Well, this is mid life. I am half way to 68. I have not become less awkward. That is really my only surprise. I thought at mid-30 I would be more poised, less two-left-feet. Instead I am the same awkward girl who perhaps has learned better to think before she speaks, but still says the weirdest things at the most inopportune time. If there is a class on tact and poise, I need to sign up.

So far I like my 30s. I have some aches and pains from autoimmune problems, but it is nothing like the debilitating pain I used to get in my 20s. I have found, for the most part, how to manage my symptoms of whatever-I-have. I wonder if I will ever know? And yoga really helps. 

Anyway, I have a few gray hairs that thrill me. I don't mind them at all, and am excited about getting more. Isn't that weird? 

I have wrinkles but they are those ones that come and go and only appear when I smile or am very tired. I am not very excited about wrinkles--but what can one do? It is a privilege to earn them, to be granted this long a life of three and a half decades. I am okay with it.

Most of all I love my family and the life we have created here. I am middle 30s, blessed, and happy. God is good.

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