Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Toddlerly-ist Toddler

Look at this angel face. This is my toddler when he wakes up. Isn't he cute? Yes, he may be adorable now, but just wait. Because I have the toddlerly-ist toddler. My toddler is more toddler than yours.

My toddler is so toddler he stands on slides, proclaiming his prowess to the world.

He thinks chairs, and food, are like the best things ever, and will tell you about each one in his cutest and most astute toddler speech. He's the most self-assured toddler I've met.

You know what is also the best thing ever? Doors. They are made to sit in, did you know?

And cabinets. Shirts are for losers. My toddler only likes shirts when it suits him. And never when it suits me. Or in public.

This is how my toddler sits in chairs. Need I say more?

Please, if you thought his escapades were eye-roll worthy, just look at his smolder. I could swoon.

And one time he got stuck in a pot. Can you see it? He was very pleased with himself. And also stuck.

Also, I promise I didn't give my toddler sugar, beer, wine, or any other non-toddler approved substance before the above picture was taken...any of the above pictures. Me on the other hand...

Anyway. There you have it. Proof of my toddler's toddlery-ness. My toddler clearly excels at being a toddler. If only I was as good a mom as he was a toddler. If he gets an award, can it be made out of dark chocolate and wine? No reasons, of course. But since my toddler can't drink wine...