Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pregnancy Wears

I wear a mixture of maternity and non-maternity clothes for pregnancy. I don't know what is better--I only own one pair of maternity pants, and mostly just stick to leggings and elastic skirts. I've found a lot of tops that work, depending on how they are made. I favor empire waist lines in my wardrobe anyway (from being pear shaped) and a lot of those things work. Only, as shirts and not as dresses, because of Rueben.

I made two pregnancy fashion videos. The first video I filmed during my first week of the third trimester, week 28. I re-watched it and, wow, am I small! My favorite outfit is probably the first one. Also, I just love it when my husband borrows this old truck (for hauling purposes, not for wife-photoshooot purposes) but it's still fun to make use of it for my own means.

The second video was filmed at different times during the third trimester, and you can totally see that bump grow. How do I even walk anymore? I don't know. I'm quite shocked that I don't just fall over, actually. That might be why I waddle now. I'm like a slow turtle that waddles. A waddling turtle. Hah!

I loved filming these. I'll be able to look back at them in the years to come and remember...what it was like. What kinds of things did you wear in your third trimester?

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Maike said...

I so like your outfits. When I was pregnant with my first baby I did not own too much maternity wear, but it was cold and rainy most of the time and I did not go out much, so I was wearing mainly "home wear" that I would never wear in puplic, especially not when being pregnant.
Now I am pregnant again (week 20), weather is too great to stay in a lot and I have a toddler that makes me go out every day no matter what. So the few pieces of maternity wear that I still have from my first pregnancy are not enough and I have to find something to wear.
I also like empire waist line but cannot get my pregnant boobs into most of my normal clothes, haha. I think I try the same way like you do: combine some maternity wear with stretchy non-maternity clothes. Leggins and dresses, skirts and stretchy tops with belly bands underneath to avoid my belly peaking out when not supposed to. I also like oriental style pants and thai fisherman pants. They are comfy and give my belly enough room.