Thursday, January 29, 2015

Things that Are Annoying Me Lately

A general list of mild problems I have encountered in the past few months that I need to get of my chest. Yes, this is a list of me complaining. I offer no apologies.

  1. One of my husband's relatives told EVERYONE that we were expecting. Before I got a chance to tell them. I was kinda upset about this. We wanted to be the ones to call everyone and announce our big news!
  2. My husband is being amazing lately. He did the dishes this weekend, and yesterday he brought me breakfast in bed and today he started the dishwasher and he didn't even complain once. Thus I don't have anything to whine about in my marriage and it's driving me crazy. Husband, stop being so perfect.
  3. Michelle had a much more catastrophic pregnancy experience than I did and every time I feel sorry for myself I feel like an ungrateful, spoiled princess. Thanks, Michelle.
  4. I have no idea if I used the correct form of "then" in the above sentence. Is it than? Or then? I give up.
  5. I can't stop eating pickles. 
  6. We are currently out of pickles because I ate them all and I have .99 cents in my personal bank account so I can't go buy more until tomorrow. Also, we paid almost $500 in doctor bills today because our insurance is really crappy. One of the bills we couldn't even pay in full, but will be making payments on for the next few months. My husband did pick the BEST insurance his company offers. It's very expensive as well, but it's still crappy. The insurance we had before all the Obamacare laws went into effect was cheaper and better. Such is life.
  7. Was I supposed to use affect in the last sentence of #6? I don't know why I even try anymore.
  8. I have to squeeze a small living creature out of my vagina in six months. If that wasn't bad enough, I then have to take care of said small creature for an indefinite period of time.
Thank you for attending my super privileged pity party. Please come again. If you feel sufficiently sorry for me, please leave an encouraging comment. If you would like to put me in my place and remind me that I am currently not a starving kid living in Africa, please mail me some pickles.


Emily said...

Your grammar usage in question is correct on both accounts. You can smile about that! :-)

Angi said...

I crave pickles pretty much nonstop as it is, and my mom craved pickles when she was pregnant. I fear for my future salt intake.

tristyn said...

You choose not to work so quit complaining about not having money.

Carolynn said...

I'm not complaining, I sm more just shocked at how expensive it can be!

Brita Long said...

This list is hilarious! Yes, sometimes the tiniest little inconsequential things can bug us.

Rachel G said...

Everyone gets such moods. I agree, a perfectly sweet husband would freak me out. Angel is the opposite of sweet.