Monday, November 10, 2014

I think I might love sweaters

Yes, today I'm going to confess my undying love for sweaters. Or what those in England call "jumpers". I feel like I could live in them. Just give me a sweater and pair of skinny jeans and a hot beverage (preferably tea) and a book and a snowy day...okay so I have a long list. But suffice to say I'd be happy owning a million sweaters.

This sweater is more like a sweater dress. Okay it is a sweater dress. I wear it with leggings because it's a very short sweater dress and on this particular day I didn't feel like showing my bum to the world. The world can thank me later.

Oh, and I also made the scarf I'm wearing in the first picture. If you want to buy one, they are in my shop.

I hope you guys are having a good fall. I am enjoying the season with wood fires and husband snuggles and...warm sweaters. God is good.

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