Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I don't understand seasonal decorating.

I don't understand it. Every single holiday every single woman pulls out special "decor" for their house/apartment/condo. The "regular" decor is put away in boxes and the new color scheme is implemented with artful grace and enough packing peanuts to drown a three-year-old.

Except for me. I don't change my decor. I mean, it's just stuff on shelves. I don't understand this tradition and I sigh every time it takes over my pinterest feed. I don't care about welcoming in fall by changing my house to match the colors of the falling leaves outside my window. It just seems silly to put the perfectly good decorations I already have out into boxes and buy ones that match the season when the season is just going to change again. I don't need more then one set of useless, pretty crap for my house.

And during Christmas everyone (I mean everyone) seems to think that life is suddenly lacking in the red and green and glittery department--not only lacking, but also that it's their personal job to make up for this shortcoming of holiday cheer. Trust me, Walmart and Target display enough jolly Santa Claus and Christmas trees to make me never want to see those colors again, especially not in my own home. I think I might just crawl under my own bed from sensory overload at that point.

So can someone please explain to me why this is a thing, and why, when I mentioned I did not subject myself to this utter meaningless birthright in my women's bible study I was met with blank stares and outright looks of horror?

No thank you Walmart. You can keep your plastic autumn decor and your pumpkin scented candles and your sparkly lights. I like my living room just the way it is. 

And don't even get me started on how prevalent Christmas music is, and how much it ruins any and all enjoyment with the overplaying and the busyness and the cheer. I mean, I like Christmas. I just don't like it shoved down my throat every time I turn around.

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