Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I did a Cleanse

About a month ago I did the Gaia herb full body cleanse. I was really excited and also highly skeptical...but since I've been having on and off health issues for the past two years I decided to try it.

If you are interested in seeing how it was, I vloged about it every day. You can click here for the playlist of all 12 days.

If your asking yourself why you should watch these, well, I made up with a bullet point list to help you figure it out.
  1. If you are interested in doing an organic herb only cleanse.
  2. If you have issues of bloating and/or constipation and are wondering if this cleanse can help.
  3. If you have ever been interested in seeing what I look like right in the morning after I wake up.
  4. If you creepily want to know what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.
There you have it. Let me know if you have any questions and please tell me what you think!

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