Monday, September 29, 2014


I finally did it. I decided to chop of all my hair.

For awhile I've been tired of my very thick, mid-length hair. I feel like my hair only does one thing, because I can't put it up (too heavy) and I can't leave it down. My style lately has frustrated me to no end, seeming only good for a pulled back out of my face look or clipped up in a half-updo that makes me feel like I'm still in college.

I wanted something different. I've had long hair since I can remember: I want short hair.

But I wasn't going to go in blind. I've had three haircuts in the past four years, and only one of them I loved (this one) and that was in 2011. I merely liked my haircut in 2012, and the one in 2013 was done out of annoyance and in hair-desperation. (I seem to be having a haircut-a-year theme here...) and I have not liked my hair since the last time I cut it and thus was determined to grow it out--only, I still don't like it. It's so poofy, and everywhere in my face at once and I don't know how to manage it.

the picture I brought
After trying to deal with it for a long time I googled around for "thick wavy haircuts". In all my picture searches this one came up, and I liked it. I bought it along to my stylist at Fusion (a salon a friend in my knit group told me about) and just hoped for the best. My stylist at Fusion (Nicole, if you live local and want the same person) went above and beyond--she not only looked at my picture, she analyzed my face shape and asked about my lifestyle as she pondered over what to do with my hair.

And she did this.

Ohmygosh I love it. It's fun. It's short, and it is so me. Low maintenance, able to be dressed in a hippie way and a kawaii way. And it fits my face shape so well. I'm in love. I'm so in love I left her a huge tip and she deserved every penny of it.

Instead of making long back layers like the pictures, she left it long in the front to frame my face better. It works this way, my face shape needed this framing. And, she talked me out of the bang, saying it wouldn't suit me (and she was right). All in all--I love love love love love love love my new haircut and whenever I need another haircut I know where I will be going right back to.

Yes, I'm like super hyper about it. I think it will also grow out well. And, I liked what I saw of Fusion--only, the price was a little more expensive then what they told me on the phone (but I know that happens at places) anyway, the price of my happiness does not really have a number, so I'm stoked. Yay! 

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