Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scary Weather

So VA and WV were hit by terrible storms last week. We lost power for two days, but a majority of Lynchburg and surrounding areas lost power for almost a week. Not many people were hurt, but the streets and power lines were a wreck. I am glad to say that I saw a lot of love and kindness coming from the community as everyone pitched in to clean it up.! Here are a few pictures.
This is the street S Carter Studios lives on. Picture taken by her!
Above picture by Appalachion Power. This is in downtown lynchburg. During college I used to live seconds off this road! This was the area that was hit the worst.
These photos were taken by Kipp Teague. They all are of lynchburg!

Please keep Virginia friends and families in your prayers!

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Malachyte said...

Looks like we got off easy here in Bburg! That is really wild looking. There were a lot of toppled trees in the neighborhood, but nothing too awful, and certainly nothing like this! I'm glad you're okay!!