Monday, July 30, 2012

Make a Tote!

This quick no-sew tutorial will teach you how to make a market tote from a discarded wool sweater! :)
Step One: Gather essentials!
You will also need a washing machine for felting :)

Step Two: Turn the garment inside out. Take some 100% wool yarn and sew up the bottom of your sweater.
It should look something like this when you are done :)
Step Three: Put the sweater in the washing machine, turn it on hot, (with cold rinse) and add a quarter-size amount of soap. (note, this will ruin your sweater but make it perfect for turning into a tote!)
If you do not have a washing machine, submerge the sweater in a sink full of very hot water and soap, and felt by hand by rubbing and "working" the wool with your hands.

After washing, dry your sweater on hot.
Repeat step two until you have a compact, shrunken sweater that does not unravel when you cut it.
Step Four: Lay your sweater out and make these cuts:
Step five: Love your new tote creation!


Daisy said...

This is very cool! I only have one reusable bag for shopping and this is a perfect idea! Great recycle idea!

Daisy said...

I have one question for you, and it is totally unrelated to your post, but the tunic you are wearing on the banner for your blog, did you make it or buy it? If you made it, I'd really like to know what pattern it was, and if you bought it, I'd like to know where. :)