Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Job

I've gotten a new, very creative and cool job. I approached a local thrift store called Shopaholic about starting an etsy shop with some of their wares. At first I was just chatting with them, but then they got interested and I got involved. They are letting me set up an etsy shop for them, and take pictures of their items and run their shop. I make a percentage of what they sell.
Isn't that cool?

Shopaholic is run by a couple, for fun (its actually her passion, she has a full time day job elsewhere) and I am really excited to work for them. I love etsy. I love photography. They have some AMAZING vintage items and I will get to handle and process them, and do fun photo-shoots with them. It's like having my own amazing closest, for free, only it doesn't belong to me, but I get to play dress up and share their items with others.
Kinda close to my dream job =)

I'm only doing jewelry right now, but I plan on branching out to all the vintage merchandise that shopaholic offers.
Check it out if you are interested: we named their etsy shop INNVOGUE.

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EvaForeva said...

What a fun project indeed! I wish good luck Ruth.