Friday, September 9, 2011

Lynchburg Farmers/Crafter's Market

Today I went and visited my local farmers market--where local businesses and farmers sell their organic/homegrown products! I thought I would share some pictures from my day!

Here is the outside market, where farm vendors sell all sorts of yummy food.
Inside is the crafters space, mixed with even more food vendors because they were overflowing the outside square.
I went there with my friend Beth, and her friend Brian! They are super cool and we had a ton and fun hanging out. (Afterwards we went vintage shopping! Yay!)
The best part were the Gypsies.
Oh, and these....

And that was my Saturday morning! How was yours? =)

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EvaForeva said...

Hi Ruth! Thanks so much for your sweet comments, always. You can absolutely use my photo for a computer background - I would be honored!