Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer, Life, and Doodling

Hey guys! How is everyone's summer going? I doodled this bird the other day using prismacolor pencils. This is my second (or third?) time trying them out--I enjoyed the way the colors blend and shape.

My summer has been going great. I really like my new job, and my hours are not strenuous. The only thing I am irked about is that I no longer have internet at my apartment. My landlord decided to go on vacation to the Bahamas and forgot to pay the internet bill. We can't get ahold of her to come in and reset up payment, and we can't call verizon because she is the account holder. Thus, no internet. Sad kitty.

However, this has been both of a blessing and a curse.

I no longer spend unneeded or wasteful time on the internet, trolling around with no purpose or goal. When I do arrive at barns and nobles, I have everything in my head that I want to do: post a blog post, check my e-mail, facebook, and etsy, as well as send any replies to friends, family, or customers. I don't loll around google or aimlessly surf youtube anymore! My time at home as well as my mornings have been MUCH more productive! And for this, I thank God. =)

However...sadly....I no longer have a magic box that I can ask questions of whenever I have a problem. Don't understand a sewing term in my manual? I can't google it. Want to look up a quick recipe? Can't! I can't listen to pandora, or change my facebook status (I've thought of some good ones too) or check out my favorite bloggers.....

But, I am enjoying my (hopefully) brief hiatus from the internet and making use of my local bookstore in the process. And I am learning patience. Maybe when my landlord returns I will be able to make use of my time on the internet and not waste any!

I have some cool things coming up this week: a tutorial for a new skirt and some more drawings.


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Beth E. said...

Haha I've been in the same boat! It IS both a blessing and a curse. Love the drawing, it's very colorful!