Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Easy Skirt Tutorial

So, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how I created my easy skirt in green.
It's super easy. I originally found a tutorial on the internet from Sew Like My Mom. I did it a little differently, though, and I'll also explain how to use the elastic thread, a step she just assumes you know.

You will need:
  • One guys knit tee two sizes larger then you wear
  • Some elastic thread
  • A sewing machine with all parts
  • Scissors for cutting
The first thing you want to do is wind your bobbin with the elastic thread. You have to do this by hand. Take your bobbin, and just start winding around and around. You don't want to pull on the thread when you wind, just wrap it with its natural tension.
I used two bobbins to make this skirt (elastic thread runs out fast). You might want to go ahead and wind the other one if you want. Your bobbin should look like this when you are done, don't overfill it:
Now take your oversized shirt and cut it in two pieces right under the arms.
The tube should fit on your hips with 3-4 inches of excess fabric. If it is super huge, you will need to tailor it. I didn't have to tailor my XL one, but the green one was XXL and I had to size it down. Do this by just cutting down the seam and then re-sewing it back up until you have a tube that is only a few inches larger  then where you want your skirt to rest on your waistline.

Now, begin sewing with your elastic thread once you have a tube that is 3-4 inches larger then your waist. You just use the elastic thread as you would normal thread. You load the bobbin naturally, wind the thread the same, and don't add any extra tension--it works all by itself.

When you start sewing a line, backstick to hold the thread in place then front stitch again. This way your thread will not unravel. Also do this at the end of each line. You will need to cut your thread every time you start a new line.

Just make line after line after line around the top of your skirt. If you want the top to ruffle more, start lower on the skirt. I started with the edge of the foot peddle flush with the edge of my skirt (at 5/8th inch)  because I didn't want that much of a ruffle.

And that's it! The bottom of your skirt is already hemmed because it was a shirt in it's prior life!
Now go out and twirl, or stay home and make 5 more? =)
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