Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to make a headband or circlet tutorial

This is my entry in the DIY competition on CutoutandKeep.

If you are like me, you love things for your hair. But they are so expensive! I keep seeing these circlets around, and I love them.  So, I finally bought this one from Forever21 for 8 dollars.

As I inspected it upon my return home, I realized that it looks rather easy to make--and fun! Also, why not make it out of different fabrics? And add lace? Thus inspired, I set about creating my own headband.

You will need: 
-three one inch strips by 23 inches (one of each color of your choice, I have two in brown and one in yellow)
-a 6 inch piece of elastic, dyed to the color of your choice (I tea-dyed mine)
-some ribbon (about 8 inches)
-and any lace embellishments you might want to add (I didn't add any, I liked mine plain!)

Total cost: about 1.50-2.50$ (YAY)

This works best with fabric with a small print, since the strips are a small width.

1) Turn your strips, right sides on the outside, and sew down the side with a straight stitch. We aren't going to flip them, the headband I made has a nice, scrappy look.

2) Press your tubes.

3) Sew all three tubes together. I put the two brown on bottom and the yellow on top. Secure tubes to something that won't move if you pull on it. I used a pin and my ironing board. 

4) Braid! Then sew the other end closed.

5) cut your ribbon into two four-inch pieces. fold the corners in, and press. Then fold the ribbon in half, and press.

6) secure the ends inside the ribbon, and pin. secure the elastic inside, pin. Try it on (be careful of the pins) to make sure it fits. If not, re-pin until it does, then  and sew down both sides with a straight stitch.

7) Yay, a handmade scrappy circlet! Wear, enjoy, and share with your friends.

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