Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to make a dainty button cuff (simple!)

I so adore these things! This tutorial is for a very simple version! I will be posting a more complex version this weekend, along with my first giveaway =D

How to make a dainty button cuff:

You will need:

1) Fabric that fits loosely around your arm (leave room for seams!)
2) Button! Essential for button cuff, of course.
3) Small piece of twine, or very skinny ribbon
4) A line of lace a 3 inches longer then the width of your fabric piece
5) Sewing Machine or A Lot of Patience

Step One:
Lay your piece of fabric out flat, right side up. Lay your lace on the edge of the fabric piece, making sure the part of the lace you want to fringe your hand is pointing downward!

Step 2: Fold the top of your fabric over, pinning it flush to the other side, making sure to pin your lace in between! You should now have a lace sandwich, with 1.5 inches of lace sticking out both sides.

Step 3: Sew two straight lines through the edge of your fabric. Don't forget to backstitch so it won't unravel. Make your stitches about  medium length. Make sure also to sew through both layers and the lace layer, fixing it to the fabric securely.

Step 4: Pull your fabric right side out. You now have a pretty little tube! Now would be a good time to iron if you need to.

Step 5: Fold both corners inward, pulling the lace inside also. This is harder then it sounds. Sometimes it will rumple your lace, or snag it...just play around with it until it lays like you want it. Pin.

Step 6: Measure your button with your twine/ribbon. I do this by hand. Pinch it so you can see how much you need to leave outside your cuff.

Step 7: Tie a knot in each end of your twine to help it not "escape" in case the sewing comes loose. (You don't need to do this if you are using skinny ribbon, as that will just sew right in)

Step 8: Secure your measured loop into the cuff. Make sure to center it!

Step 9: Sew two lines down. Sew  back and forth a bit over the part that encases your loop, shortening your stitch length to help it stay in place.

Step 10: Sew the other side down, two lines also.

Step 11: I hand sew my button on, through both layers. If you want to sew it through one, put the button on before step 5. =)

Step 13: Done! Wear or gift to a friend =)

(And yes those are hello kitty pjamas. My mother bought them for me one christmas many years ago, and I love them)