Thursday, May 13, 2010


Wow....Look how I've grown! woah!
This is high school graduation, 2005.

This is college. 

Again: Highschool 2005

I feel so old! I miss my hair =( I didn't realize how much I've changed and am changing. Wow. Its like seeing a piece of yourself you miss. New Year Jan 1 2010:

I know I'm not old: but I'm not youthful anymore. That part of me is gone and will never come back. I'm happy with who I am now; with my photography and my water-coloring. I just didn't realize I'd changed so much.

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Mrs. Bennett Has Class said...

It's always a shock to revisit old photos you haven't seen in a while. I always look back on my old self and wish I had thought more highly of myself. I do laugh at the things I used to wear though! I grew up in the 80's so there's much to giggle at. :)

Have a wonderful evening!