Thursday, May 13, 2010

50 in 1001 days

I stole this from Jessica. Basically its a list of 50 things I want to accomplish in two and a half years (1001 days). These are personal goals!

1) Write a Book
2) Make a photography Portfolio
3) Take sewing lessons
4) Sew 5 items for friends
5) Sew 5 items for my etsy shop

6) Learn to watercolor
7) Watercolor 5 things for family
8) watercolor 5 things for my etsy shop
9) frame 3 watercolors
10) buy more watercolors and brushes

11) Find a new job (one that is not at night)
12) save 3000 dollars in my savings account for my wedding (600/3000 as of now)
13) take yoga
14) exercise every day for a week straight
15) avoid fast food or eating out for a month

16) buy black boots
17) buy more nail polish
18) read the bible every day for a month
19) pray every day for a month
20) go to church without missing a sunday for a month

21) take a vitamin every day
22) eat three balanced meals
23) go to bed before 11pm every nigth
24) wake up at 6am or 7am every day

I will keep working on this list as I come up with ideas!

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Mrs. Bennett Has Class said...

Wow! These are great goals! Since this post is over two years old, I wonder how you did! :)