Sunday, March 26, 2023

Week 33

I feel like I am really slowing down. Also Braxton hicks were keeping me up at night, but this week they have decreased a lot (I started to take more magnesium per my doctors recommendation).

I have completed my birth plan and we are 75% prepared. We have the essentials. 

I pulled out my bags and started making plans to pack and also am working on a homeopathic remedy "bag" for labor and postpartum. I am hopeful that some of the suggestions and things I have will take the edge off labor. At least until transition. I mean, transition just sucks. I have my last doula meeting this coming week and...then I just need to wait until the baby is ready!

I have been having, for the past two days, what feels like period cramps. I don't know what is going on in my uterus but things are happening! They don't feel like Braxton hicks. I never had this with my other two pregnancies, or if I did I don't remember. Not sure why my uterus is irritable the last two days, but baby is moving fine and I am not bleeding so I am not worried. 

I am decluttering and organizing our house like crazy, homeschooling, meal prepping, preparing myself mentally and spiritually and trying to somehow wrap my brain around the fact that yes, I am indeed doing this again. We are doing this again. And the end is near. Soon I won't be pregnant and I can wear all the fun spring clothes! Wheee! 

Random picture of pregnant me taken by Becky. 

God is good. And I can do this.

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