Thursday, May 19, 2022

thoughts on healing

The amount of energy I have is one of the ways I know that I am healing, and have healed so much. Who is this person vacuuming after 5pm? Who is this person doing dishes and smiling and gardening after the kids are put to bed? Who is she? I don't recognize myself. 

I used to feel like I was carrying a load of bricks after dinner. I remember when I first had lyme and I had to lay down every day after lunch, and sometimes I wasn't able to get up again. It has been a hard few years. 

I am so incredibly thankful that I can cook, clean, and parent. Daily I am filled not only with the holy peace and joy of God, but also energy to manage my household. Normal energy! I feel normal!!! 

Before, I would rest because I was exhausted. My body literally gave up. Now I choose to rest, to read my bible, to play the violin and pick up a book, and those things are not done because I have to, but because every human deserves rest and recuperation. Because rest is good for my soul and for me, and my family!

No more diets! I have continued eating my way though the food pyramid and enjoying what God has made. I have found a few things that still disagree with me-- gluten that has not been soaked for over 12 hours, and for some reason oats are still bothering me. But I was never a big oat person anyway. Maybe as I continue to heal these other things will fall into place. 

Also, I have stopped taking supplements! I am trying to take them only as needed. The only thing I am taking is a multivitamin. 

It is summer break now at the Markey household, our garden is in full swing with tomatoes and squash plants. A rouge rabbit ate all the cucumber plants and trampled my peas, so we will have none this year? I am not sure. I started two more cucumber plants and need to transplant them and have not done it yet. We have been unsuccessful at catching the rabbit but perhaps successful in keeping it out of the garden. Time will tell. 

We have plans for a slow summer. Knitting, and laying in the hammock for me (thank you Brian for the wonderful mothers day present!) reading books with the kids and exploring our town, making memories and hanging out with friends. 

How are you all? 

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