Thursday, January 6, 2022

My Husband was Right

It turns out my husband was right about that pocket knife. Not that it was unsafe, but when I caught my six year old trying to saw the sofa with it, I realized I may have overestimated his level of maturity. In other news, I now own my very first pocket knife! Whohoo!! 

How are we all? We are finally pulling out of the sick. We have not started homeschooling again, but will on Monday. I'm excited for our term two of Year One, where we will do jewelry making for our craft! Lots of amazing learning ahead! 

My husband has a lingering cough, and Reuben is still gaining weight back and healing. That was one long haul of sickness. I have not exercised in forever and our routine is long forgotten! Pull it together, I tell myself, and I wonder if I can. 

Through it all I tried to rest in God, but I definitely hit rock bottom at least twice. Reuben kept having reoccurring fevers of 102 and I was doing everything while worrying about my sick husband and child. It was exhausting. God is good. The only way I survived was clinging to his promises. The promises of joy and of rest in heaven and of his everlasting presence. I have learned and grown a lot in December and been stretched in ways I would rather have avoided, but God knows what is best for me. 

Now it's another year, and that also has caught me by surprise. Its already January 6th and my brain is stuck in pre-Christmas festivities. We still have our presents under the tree for Grandparents and Aunts and Cousins and I need to set a date to celebrate Christ's birth together! Since my husband still has a cough, we are waiting at least another week. We also have two birthdays in January. My Becky turns 4 and I turn 35 (I think??) and what a crazy start to the year. It reminds me of January 2019 when I had an awful eye infection for most of the month and was quite annoyed. Now I am less annoyed because I have learned to go with the flow of what life hands you, but I do feel a little windblown. Where has the time gone?

We are throwing Becky a wonderful little birthday party where guests will make necklaces and enjoy birthday cake and princess dresses. She is so excited to turn four.

That's about the just of it. Love you all, and maybe I'll have time to write again after the craziness of homeschooling and loving my family. I really do love being a mom and a homemaker (most of the time) and just marvel at our little family and all God has done and continues to bless us with. Happy 2022!

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