Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Gaps Diet [Week 6-7]

 I've started juicing! 

This week was weird. I had three good days followed by four really bad days. I ate some jerky when we traveled and also some keto gluten free bread, so maybe that is why? We are back home now from Thanksgiving break, and I am coping. 

I am just tired of soup and tired of this diet. But I am better, I am healing. It is just going to take time. I'm on phase four of the intro diet! I'm moving forward! I'm improving!!! The end (getting to the full gaps diet) is in sight! I'm over halfway!! 

Lets celebrate the fact I was able to stay on my soup diet over thanksgiving. Lets acknowledge that I sometimes eat ice cream on hard days. I'm trying my best. 

The kids are tired of soup, I'm tired of soup, but next week I don't have to eat any more soup!! I can drink my broth in a cup and have roasted meats and veggies!! Next week is stage 5, and I am excited. 

So, let's talk cheating on the gaps diet. You are not supposed to cheat. I have found that as long as my cheat is once every 3-4 days and is a paleo cheat (or full gaps approved) it does not wreck me and halt the healing. But sometimes cheating spirals and leads to more consumption of unapproved foods. I'm learning to listen to my body but also maintain my health. It is a delicate balance. 

My worst symptom is bloating. I hate it when my belly/stomach gets so bloated I look literally six months pregnant! 

Do you guys want a post about all the supplements I am currently taking with my Gaps diet? Or are you guys tired of hearing about my chronic illness adventures?

I'm healing. I'm improving. I just need to hold fast and cling tight to my focus.

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