Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Lord Of Chaos

Well, I finished Lord of Chaos. Book six!

When I started book five, I begged my husband to read the books because I desperately wanted someone to talk to about this story.

I just finished book six and he is on book seven now. The man went and passed me and I am not thrilled about it. He has been listening to the audio books, and in the four months it took me to read book five and six, he read 1-6 and is on seven! I am flabbergasted.

So many things happened in this book. So. Many. Things.

But the most frustrating aspect of reading Lord of Chaos is the misinformation! I still don't understand why people don't just talk to each other. Each faction (like the Aes Sedai of the White Tower lead by Elaida) is just running around blindly in the dark in so many areas. Their information is seriously lacking and it causes so many crazy faux pas. For example, the delegation from Salidar, who don't understand Rand at all and start treating him like some evil mastermind, causing him to flee...that sets in motion the whole series of events at the end of the book. Orrr like Perrin and Faile, and her jealousy over nothing. Like, just talk to your husband. Just talk to him. Ugh!

One funny thing about this book is how much I despise Mat. I've said it before and I'll say it again—he is my least favorite character. I hate whiny people who beat around the bush! But, Mat Cauthorn is Brian (my husband's) favorite character. I will begrudgingly say he does have a kind heart. What??! I told hubby that Mat was the most illogical annoying person I'd ever met even if he IS kind, and Brian looked at me with shock because he thought Mat was the one who made the most sense! I can't believe it. I'm flummoxed.

Here is a small summery of Lord of Chaos: Elayne isn't queen yet, no one knows that her mother is alive and MANY people need to know, Egwene was made Amyrlin, Siuan and Leane were healed, but are lesser in power, and Logain was healed also, and escaped. Rand's love triangle is a mess, but the ladies (M, E and A) are behaving very well towards each other. I still don't understand why he has three girls besotted with him since he is a wool headed sheepherder, but it is what it is. I'm a little less team Min after seeing the way she fawns all over him, and more team Aviendha, but Aviendha needs to calm waaaay down. She's so serious and spiky. I guess it's all the toh. Elayne is so... queenly. She needs to wash more dishes and muck out some stables. Bah, none of them are right for Rand. He should just sleep with Berelain.

Nynaeve and Elayne go from running their own lives as pretend Aes Sedai to chastised accepted before you can blink, but they still are grinding their teeth (and tugging on braids) and disobeying orders all the time. Nynaeve still can't channel unless she is mad. But, Egwene makes them Aes Sedai-in-name-only. Most still sidebar treat them as Accepted. It's like a bad hour of What Grinds Your Gears. The girls make it to Ebu Dar to search for the magic bowl of weather-making, but alas, Rand takes up the entire last few chapters so we don't even get to know what happens in Ebu Dar. Annoying Ta'veren, hogging all the action.

Brigette has not found her destined lover (Gaidal) yet.

On to my head cannon.

Why does everyone think Rand killed Morgase???! Why does everyone think he killed Moraine? Why can't people just BELIVE other people? Everyone thinks everyone is playing the game of houses so they are looking for tricks everywhere!! It's so hard to keep up with sometimes. Ugh! What is with Mazrim Taim and his angst with Rand? Rand needs a friend. Why does Lews Therin always want to murder everyone? And now Rand can talk to him. It's crazy.

Mat is the leader of the band of the red hand. He's a great leader if he would just stop grumbling and complaining all the time.

Anyway, I need a break before book seven. By the time I start it, my husband will probably be finished with the series. Perhaps I'll just get him to tell me what happens. Knowing him, he won't.

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