Thursday, June 13, 2019

Living Like It Won't Last

A internet friend of mine was killed in a car crash. She left behind five children.

I've been grieving all day. If anyone deserved life it was her. I mean, she had it all. They had just started homesteading. She was homeschooling. She ran a crochet business. She was real and honest and devoted to God.

Molly Clee was full of life and it feels so unfair that she is gone.

All day I have been thinking. What am I doing? Why do I complain about anything? I am alive and here with my babies. Molly's babies will never see her again. Molly's husband will have to continue on without her.

This is devastating.

Today I held my babies. Today I decided to stop complaining and start thanking God for the things I do have. I am here, I have food and a roof over my head. My husband loves me and my kids are healthy and vibrant. God is so good! Life is short and I am never promised tomorrow.

If I ever die (I mean, I know I will) but when I do--know that I go willingly with acceptance to God and his plan for me. Tell my children and my husband that they were the light of my life and, besides worshiping my Creator--the very joy of my existence. May they remember me with a smile and not a tear and know that they will see me again.

Our earthly discomforts are temporary. Keep your eyes on heaven.