Monday, August 22, 2016

Big Island Wrapper

I finished my big island wrapper awhile ago but never got around to posting pictures to my blog. Since my DSLR broke and I'm stuck with only an ipad for pictures, I feel a little lackluster when it comes to styling a photoshoot...since it's only an arm's length that I have to work with. Husband really dislikes being my photographer, and Reuben isn't old enough not to try to eat the iPad yet. Oh well. I'll figure something out. Thoughts?

Anyway, Big Island Wrapper is a knitted shawl. I wanted something easy, and I already owned enough of the recommended yarn (knitpicks billow), so I thought: why not? And it knit up fast, too--and I could do it while monitoring my child/not worry about losing count.

I call it a win/win. I did end up crocheting an edging because I liked it better. Would I make this again? No. Will I wear it this fall? Oh yeah!