Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why I Want to Homeschool

Why would I want to home-school? I've wanted to home-school my potential kids since I was 10. I really mean that. But now that I am an adult and actually have said kid-- apparently my desire needs some backing up.

Here are some things I've heard when I've professed interest in homeschooling Reuben:
  1. You'll change your mind when he's 5. You'll want a break.
  2. Why wouldn't you want your kid to be salt and light in the public school system?
  3. You know all mass shooters were home-schooled. 
  4. Your kids will not know how to be social if you don't send them to school where they can hang out with other people.
  5. Are you part of that quiver-full movement? 
Uhm. What? (especially number 3. I was livid). Anyway, after receiving these colorful responses I finally sat down and actually thought about why I have this overwhelming desire to home-school my children.

First of all it's not academic. My kid can learn to read, write, spell, and do math at any school in my area. I am not homeschooling because I somehow think I am "better" at teaching him.

It's actually quite complicated to explain my reasoning. First of all, life is so fleeting. I only get one chance at raising Reuben and I want to give it my all. The thought of sending him away from me for 8 hours a day when he is just going to grow up and move away (perhaps states or even whole continents) just does not appeal to me. I want to treasure the time that we have. I want to experience his life with him while I can before he grows up and gets his own life.

I want to be the one to teach him to tie his shoes in kindergarten. I want to show him adding in first grade. I want to trek though the middle ages with him in second grade. (or whenever we decide to do that era) In short, I want to raise him. I'll have enough time away from him when he grows up and moves.

Mr. Adventure and I are blessed to be able to survive on one income. I love staying at home, and the desire for homeschooling comes naturally to me. I am so excited about it. Will it be hard? Of course. Will I love ever second of it? Of course not! But I believe God gave me Reuben for a reason, and I want to cherish every second I get with him.

And that is why I want to home-school.