Thursday, October 1, 2015

Slow Fashion

I have always loved fashion. I'm not sure when it started, but I love shopping for clothes and I also love to check out what other women are wearing, even if it is not something I would particularly don. The idea of a well put together outfit is enthralling to me.

When I first heard of slow fashion, I thought it was kind of an elitist thing. I mean in order to afford handmade and fair trade clothing you need a serious amount of funds. Either that, or you are really poor and have no choice but to make your own clothes. I know now that slow fashion is much more-- from mending to knitting to just being very selective about your closet, the term is broad enough for most people. The only thing it isn't is fast fashion.

I don't sew many clothes, and I have not yet knit a sweater. I like to create my own accessories. From hats, to gloves, to hand-dyed scarves (that I'm wearing here!) I love to make my favorite outfits pop with something I've created.

Slow fashion first peeked my interest in high school, when I got tired of the cheap, fall-apart fashion that permeates the teen scene. I mean, it was so easy it took the fun out of it for me, not to mention that everyone was wearing it and I didn't want to be like everyone. I wanted to be unique. At this time my mom was the main provider for our little family and I thrifted most of what I wore. I loved Goodwill and the Salvation Army back then, and wearing "last years" fashion didn't bother me in the least. My style felt eclectic and I loved that most my clothes were preloved (I thrifted the shirt I am wearing in these pictures). The things people would throw away! They were my treasures, and I enjoyed searching for just the right piece to add to my teenage wardrobe. It was like a adventure, hunting through all the trash to find a gem, and I was hooked.

Now at 29 years old I don't shop at Goodwill anymore--mostly because I think I have a really complete closet and I don't need any excess. Anyway, this month I am so excited to participate in slow fashion October! Pictures brought to you by amazing baby naps.

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