Friday, September 28, 2012

My Room

I recently moved! Here are some shots of my new room.

And yes, I am sleeping on an air mattress.

My favorite thing in the room is this curtain that is over my closet. I just bought a shower rod and hung a pretty sheer fabric on it. I love how it hides the mess!

Recently I have been churning over some ideas for the blog.
  1. I want to do a weekly vintage/handmade giveaway or blog fashionista swap. I would love to see how you guys would style things differently. 
  2. I need to think of some interesting tutorials. I'm thinking about doing a full "how-to" knit DIY walkthrough...does anyone have any ideas?
  3. The hardest thing is thinking of ideas people want to see, questions that they need answered. I know I am getting about 20 views a week, but how do I get people to comment? To hang around? And share with their friends and me? Thats the real question. 
Hope you guys are having a great start to fall! My October 1st post will be a surprise fashion-blog swap with Beth! I'm going to mail her this awesome dress and see how she styles it verses my own style idea. If you guys wanna do a swap with me just e-mail me and I would be MORE then happy to! 

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Witchcrafted Life said...

When I first lived completely on my own (eons ago now), and money was tighter than the seals on a NASA spaceship, I slept on an air mattress for at least a couple of months before I could save up enough to buy a second hand mattress and box spring (never did get a bed frame back then, but that's ok, as the boxspring was quite high and the whole thing just looked like an intentionally low bed). I'm sure you'll have a lovely bed in no time, too.

Regarding blogging, I personally feel that you should blog for yourself first and foremost. Write about what you love, what you're doing, what's catching your eye and not (just) what you think others want to see. Doing so often leads to blogger burnout or the feeling that running your sight is a job, not a joy, and it should always be the latter.

♥ Jessica