Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wall Art V. 2

Happy December 1st, dear friends! I have been neglecting the blog favor of brainstorming!

I am working on a summer/spring line that will "come out" March 1st. This will be my first sewing line, and will include tops, accessories, skirts, and other odd assortments! I'm super excited.

But I'll still be posting a thing or two here, don't worry =)

Last week, I painted more of the room...

I am trying to make use of my *wonderful* pasty yellow walls (yikes) tee hee. I am enjoying the freedom of illuminating my own space, a freedom I have never experienced before!

Yes, I know I have a problem with clutter! I hope to get it all worked soon. I have to much fabric! I have to much yarn! And to many dresses....

Hope you all had a great November and Thanksgiving!

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