Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tote Out of Pants

So, when my friend Beth pinned this super cute pants-to-bag picture on pintrest, I just knew I had to try to make one for her.

This is the picture she posted:
I thought--this looks easy! And So I tromped down to my local goodwill and picked up a huge pair of men's corduroy pants--I couldn't find brown tweed, or whatever that particular material is.
I also picked up an oversized shirt that I thought I would end up using for a lining, but didn't.

Here is how mine turned out. Nothing like the original, but still cute!

I love the inside.

I hope my friend Beth likes it =) I mailed it to her a few days ago.

1 comment:

Beth E. said...

Ahhhh this is super cute!!! I'm so glad I signed into blogger today and saw this! I haven't gotten anything yet, but will keep my eyes peeled. It looks SUPER cute!!! Thank you thank you thank you!