Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poetic Nonsense

Nowhere is the path that burns bright green and blue
leading anywhere it twists and turns and spits in two
folding inward upon itself, like mirrors of the past
we are left with nothing, nothing at it's best

so see tangible reality fade
into darkness, into judgment with
that look upon your face
and I can view no end to discontentment
for enchanted rhyme is endless-
the path leads on and
bleeds black
like opaque cylinders they twist and lead back
to begin anew at tomorrows end
so sorrowful a find, so tarnished a sin
meander 'round once more again
to stare and settle
seethe and wreathe
with airs of mettlesome qualities

I see the circle
I see the path
When sorrows end comes rambling back
beneath the mire, stone and wire
i wish to say what my thoughts whisper
but formulated sentences in formulated phase
hold none of the meaning i wish to convey.
and thus i wisp, i wan, i bleed
out among the floor, for none to see.

beneath the stars 
unearths the sea
i was you
and you were me.

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