Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photoshoot...with myself

Last evenings (or several evenings ago?) I decided to be wild and crazy and take some pictures of myself in a hippy dress. I was going for a very haunted look.
What do you think? I *lightly* color edited some and others I...deluged...with my amateur photoshopping skills. The only real photo-changing edit that I did was mask my hand in one shot, because you could see my camera remote (sigh).

Here are a few that I liked, but didn't think fit the theme.
Feedback always appreciated!


Beth E. said...

Self -portraits!!!! MMMMMmmm love. Good job, I really enjoyed these. Though I liked the last set you posted, the ones where it was just you and your "true" emotions. But I also loved the idea of the flopped down doll on the wood. Very creative and lovely execution. Experiment some more!

Tina said...

I love the pic you pinned for the link-up best :) It is lovely.

me said...

Love the print of this dress.