Saturday, October 9, 2010

How To: Ruffled Shirt!

When I saw this really cute shirt at Modcloth, (via Pinterest) I instantly knew I wanted to make one! So I used an guy's long sleeve plaid button shirt to achieve the same effect. I gave the finished product to my beautiful younger sister. =) She is 6 months pregnant with her second child. This shirt makes a great maternity shirt because the second half has a lot of material. But, I am also making one for myself too =) My sister wouldn't let me take a picture of I'll have to do for a model. =P

Step 1: Lay shirt out flat. I used another long sleeve shirt as a pattern on top. Make sure the shirt you use as a pattern fits you comfortably without any stretch.

Step 2: Fold the shirt up where your empire waist is. Cut right across this line and place the bottom part to the side, we will use that later.

Step 3: Cut out one side of your shirt, leaving room for seams. 

Step 4: Fold this side over and cut out the other side.

Step 5: Now it should look like this! =P

Step 6: Turn right sides together and sew up the arms and the sides.

Step 7: Cut some strips! I am using some old cotton blue stretchy fabric also. Cut out as many strips as you would like. I had 6 blue and 6 plaid. The plaid strips came from the extra arm pieces I cut off in steps 3 and 4.

Step 8: Now we are going to make ruffles. Cut your stitch length to the longest length.
Also put your tension to about medium. I had it on three when sewing the arms, so I put it on 6. FYI, I had to use a 7 for the stretchy blue fabric.
Sew! Straight down your strip, backstitching at the top and the bottom to hold the ruffle in place.
Step 9: Now you have all sorts of crazy ruffles.

Step 10: Arrange the ruffles on your shirt! Sew down and back over each ruffle, backstitching to hold it in place.

Step 11: Now it is time to attach your "skirt" piece. Pleat it along the front. I had four pleats in the front and four in the back. Make sure your button placket is set straight with the top. I pinned the side seams and the button placket to make sure they matched before adding my ruffles.

Step 12: Sew the top to the bottom!

Step 13: Pretty ruffled shirt for 6$!

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