Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 5, Cielen

This is part of my novel, "What Losing You Did to Me". To start at the beginning, click here. Right now a new section of my book posts every Tuesday and Thursday.

The word he'd said had been Merienge's true name.

I'd been so happy to see Merienge that it had taken a second to realize she had dropped her guise and was wearing her own face. And after registering this fact I perceived she was in trouble, since she was running pell-mell towards the entrance. With a random guy hot on her trail.

I had just began to make my way towards the door to intercept her, my short dress riding up (how could girls wear these things, seriously) when an gentleman, who I could only guess was Aainn's grandfather--showed up and said Merienge's name. Her true name. I don't know if anyone else heard. I was the only one focusing on the scene. The guy behind Mer was looking towards her, all his energy bent on catching up. I'm sure his ears were oblivious to any sounds due to the overabundance of trance music pulsing throughout an otherwise small room. I am sure only my hyper sensitive hearing caught the name. Or part of it, anyway.

Then Mer crumpled and the crowed parted just long enough for two dudes in black suits to carry her to the entrance. No one even paused to wonder if they were trying to kidnap her or help her. I mean, I knew they were kidnapping her, but there was no way I could take on Aainn's grandfather and his bodyguards. So I just watched as they carried her away.

Then I followed.

The guy who had been chasing Mer was shaking the grandfathers hand. He looked a little bit green around the edges, but another boy with him was grinning broadly, talking on the phone excitedly to someone.  I stayed far back and let my magie hearing do the trick while pretending to pick at my nails.

Did I mention I was wearing the guise of a party girl? Stilettos are hard to walk on, and I've had to fend off disgusting sexual advances from drunk males all night. No wonder the female species are wary of us. The lesser of our sex certainly do little to prove our worth.

I watched as two buff men placed Mer in the back of a van. Now I had a dilemma. Do I follow the van or do I follow the two snitches, one whom I'd seen chasing Mer? The van won. I couldn't lose Mer for a second.

I stole a bike, liking the feel of the powerful motorcycle rumbling behind the black van. Man, there is a lot of traffic for 11 at night. But this is good. I was sure now that I wasn't going to stand out at all to the kidnappers, lost in a sea of cars like this. However, when they turned onto Durithean property, I had to go straight. The gate would never let me through.

How did I know it was his property? When the road your mansion is on is named after yourself--it's probably not leading to a fashion outlet or a 24-hour sandwich shoppe. 

But, blast it. What now?

I let the bike idle and I thought over my next moves. Maintaining my anonymous status right now was key. I needed to remove all signs of myself from the hotel room. If Mer managed to not divulge the information that I was here, I needed to make sure they didn't find out by simply checking the room. And they would probably do just that as soon as she woke up enough for questioning.

After dropping the bike back at the club, I walked to the hotel and entered the room wearing the guise of a maid. I removed my things and then checked in under another guise into a room just next door. Now I'd know if they came.

The next thing I needed to do was I needed to find Aainn. This couldn't wait for Wednesday. If Merienge couldn't talk to him, then I would have to. The soonest he would be in his office would be Monday. That would mean Mer would be trapped for two days and three nights.

Was I willing to gamble her life over two days and three nights? Was I willing to gamble on a man who loved her but no longer remembered her? He might laugh in my face on Monday. He might turn me over to his grandfather without a second thought.

But I don't think I have any other choice.

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